Oogling the Pretty

My time has recently been acquired by Pretty Boy Enterprises, Inc. as Assistant Art Director (Magazine), and Senior Admin. to all things pertaining to the company online. I've picked up the name "Snake Handler". Interesting. Work load has been steady, non stop, with little to zero time to create anything outside of work. What free time I have been able to hold on to, I've been using it with my girl and social events. One has got to talk to other human beings, no?

A lot of other personal interests have been on the back burner as of late, and it hurts to see so many things lie unfinished, collecting dust. I really do hope a time comes where I can just sit back and burn away on my DS, or get that woodblock print prepped up for printing.

I'm just waiting... No, I'm expecting the day, when I get some fatty pay checks in the latter course of this year. Expect me and close friends to be somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere sippin' on some expensive, over the top, fruity alcoholic beverage.

With them little umbrellas in 'em. Times a hundred.

And a trunk full of Luckies to smoke.

And lots.


Of sex.
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Birds a' chirpin'

I seriously need to get my sleeping schedule back in order. It blows chunks right now.

A lot has happen in the past few weeks. New apartment, employment, best girlfriend ever. All that good stuff.

Nothing really bad. There's your typical off-days, where it's not as it good as it could be. For whatever reason; lack of effort, hung over, Batman opening night at 3:30 a.m., ya know.

The stinks are here (siblings. between us, I call em "stinks"), for a week or so. Disrupting some good ol' lovin' with my woman given I live in a loft apartment. But what you gonna do. Can't say no to snugglin' into my woman's arms, and definitely can't say no to watching Harold and Kumar Go To Guantanamo Bay with my siblings well into the wee hours.

Life is busy enough as it is. Think it's at the perfect pace. Next weekend, my good ol' friend Will is coming over for the weekend. Haven't seen him in at least a year or two. Pretty excited to see him.

I can honestly say I don't have the time I usually have, to work on illustrations for my own amusement. Between the weird work hours and accommodating our many guests as of late, my pencils are crying for some attention. I hope to rectify that situation once things settle down a little bit more. Shutting myself into my studio without interruptions is definitely around the corner.

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The only thing missing is a gaudy golden antique frame to present this... ::eyes room::
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Margaritaville and the Jungle

Not dead. Just down right busy with personal life and work. Supposedly work.

Just to keep things interesting...

My bedroom door in the making. Can't wait to start coloring it in...
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Sleep and other things.

I seriously need to get my sleeping habits back in order, because as of right now - it totally blows. I really do feel disappointed waking up in the late afternoon and not getting anything accomplished. Mind you, I stay up 'til 6 in the morning working, but it can't possibly be a good thing in the long run.

I'm going to be creating a new LiveJournal account sometime this week, so expect a cleanup of the friends list and what not.

Oh. Finally got my [sketch] blogger for my web site going again, so give it a look every now and then (http://zeekart.blogspot.com).

Gonna get a little hammered with Dan, Gordon and friends tonight at a bar called Kumars Corner, on Belmont. From what I hear, they've got great beer at respectable prices. We'll see how this goes. I haven't eaten anything all day though, so we'll see how fast I get drunk...
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I have never been so active during a Christmas break in all my life - and I'm loving it.

Back in Chicago now, with contract jobs to hunt down and artwork to finish.

Lost my brass Zippo lighter, which belonged to my grandfather. Pretty bloody bummed out about it. I have a spare Zippo, a slim version (rough black), which I spent a good amount of time fixing up for use tonight. I'm just curious to see if it can keep up with my smoking habits. Time will tell, I suppose.

I remember when I started wearing contacts and I would involuntarily push up on the bridge of my nose to push up my glasses. Only usually, the glasses weren't on. Sort of like the whole phantom limb loss thing. You think it's there, but it really isn't. It's been like that with the Zippo. I've been feeling like I'm missing a part of my body. I habitually check my right pocket in my jeans to check my Zippo, and I know it's not there anymore, but I keep grabbing down there.


But now I have my spare Zippo to place into my jeans pocket... but it just doesn't feel the same. *sigh* Again, incredibly bummed out about it. I haven't lost something of such sentimental value in... who knows how long. *smokes*

Worried a little, if not a lot about Chelsea and her misfortunes with an array of private matters. I just hope I'm not adding to her burden and distracting her from whatever must be done for her to see things through. She's a tough chipmunk though, so I have a lot of faith in her. I'll be doing my best to keep her afloat. Rubber ducky floaties. The best. And a shit load of hugs and kisses.

I left my shaver at Chelsea's, and I'm unsure of the next time I see Chelsea. Which meeeaaans... my peach fuzz will be growing out a little bit. I've never gone beyond maybe four days, because of what little does grow on my face, I get easily irritated by it. There IS a razor I bought some time ago, with fresh blades to go with them... but I had a bad experience when I was really young and it just freaks me out when I try to use it.

Even though I woke up preeettty late today, I'm actually pretty tired now. So, the sack awaits. A little lonely, with my breadmuffin not beside me. No locks of curls to twirl my fingers with. No beautiful face to stroke. No crystal blue eyes to stare off into slumber with. No body of warmth and absolute luff to cuddle with.

She has me spellbound with all her love and affection. It hurts to think how miserable I would be if she wasn't around. I look forward to seeing her again. And soon I hope.

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Sniffles and hugs

So, the past few days in Chicago have sucked absolute BALLZ...

As far as the weather was concerned anyways.

But Chelsea. Ooooh, the Chels. She was in Chicago with me these past few days and they were totally rockin'. The weather kept our activities pretty limited, especially on the 2nd when I had some things planned out that day. But yeah. It was sad for me to see her go tonight (back to MC). The transit back home for me was pretty depressing. A cute couple sat across from me, and their affection for each other was only amplified by Chelsea's absence in my arms.

I think I can bear it for a week or so. Supposedly.

But anyways. I'm sick as fuck, and I'm looking forward towards recuperating rather quickly. I have a lot of work to catch up with, and the search for new work still needs to be done if I want to have a roof over my head this Spring. Shouldn't be a real problem, since it's nothing new. It's like tax season. It always comes once a year, and it's an ugly but necessary evil. The pay off is awesome though :)

Gist of things for now. Gonna sip more of my tea and sleep this shit of a cold out.
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